Brand Spotlight | C.P. Company

Founded in 1971 by Massimo Osti, The Chester Perry brand named after the workplace of hero ‘Bristow’ of the famous Frank Dickens comic strips, is the latest brand to arrive at TRENDYGOLF USA.

Massimo tapped into his experience as a graphic designer to create a distinctive style of communicating on behalf of his company. He would use props such as the toy car and posters with their pop graphics as gifts to shop owners.

Early Chester Perry Company Props - C.P. Company

Over the last 50 years, C.P. Company has built a reputation for its functional, military-inspired outerwear, and the use of innovative fabrics, processing techniques and design. The main aim of C.P. Company has been to bring traditional elements back into the modern man’s wardrobe. Watch pieces on sleeves, jackets with goggles, the brand has become a symbol of individuality born in functionality.

The Goggle Jacket hit the market in 1988 and quickly became the iconic piece of C.P. Company. Further research into the materials used to create military-grade fabric and technology ultimately led to the development of the jacket and other apparel pieces throughout C.P. Company collections. Anti-gas goods provided new inspiration for Osti, which led to the relocation of the goggles from the collar to the hood.

The Mille Miglia Jacket - C.P. Company

The version of the jacket seen here was used to sponsor the 1988 edition of the Mille Miglia car race, one of the most prestigious vintage car races in the world. Osti felt the latest iteration of this jacket represented his ideal jacket for any adventure. The shell protected wearers from the elements while the large pockets allowed the carrying of a full range of necessities from identification and maps, to a knife and a canteen.

The Italian label continues to generate buzz worldwide with its founder Massimo Osti also creating popular urban wear brand, Stone Island, in 1982. The creation of two iconic sportswear brands, Osti is commonly referred to as the “godfather of urban streetwear.”