DJ's Monochrome Trend: Make it Work for You

A golfer doesn't get to be Number One in the world without all eyes on their equipment, attitude, grooming habits, and of course, wardrobe. TRENDYGOLF goes deep into Dustin Johnson's iconic monochrome styling giving you the pros and cons of wearing, as well as some tips and go-to pieces to bring that trend into your golf wardrobe.


1.) No-nonsense all-black or all-grey can be deceivingly simple, yet a perfect time to break out one of your favorite designers and show off that one key logo on the chest or back of the body.

2.) Solid outfits are great for highlighting a favorite belt, glove, or shoe.

3.) On those days when you don't feel like being a fashion forward golfer, you can still feel stealth and in charge of your game with a commanding solid colored look.

1.) All-white is perhaps the trickiest to wear, be careful not to look like a painter or a Masters Caddy. An extra contrast detail on the polo or adding in a key belt or hat will help offset any costuming.

2.) Stay in the navy, black, or grey families when going monochrome. Tan looks safari, blue is reminiscent of Blue Man Group, and any other color of the rainbow might put you in Teletubby world.

3.) If you aren't wearing a brand that makes you feel really great, a monochrome outfit could fall short in giving enough "emotional" support to feel great out on the course.


Tips on How to Wear:
1.) Focus on what fits your body best; the lines in a monochrome look will help you and others pay special attention to your athletic physique.

2.) Add a pop of color or opt for a white cap when wearing all black or vice versa. Creating that opposition with accessories also helps the look feel more natural.

3.) Monochrome usually works best when you stick to one brand head to toe. Black, grey, and navy can vary by brand and even by fabric, so make sure that you are getting as close as possible when matching up your top and bottom.

4.) While acceptable with shorts, the monochrome look translates best with a trouser.

Last, but not least, CONGRATULATIONS Dustin Johnson. Well played.