Editor's Journal | Interview with Scott Mahoney, President & CEO of Peter Millar

At TRENDYGOLF, we aim to bring our customers the very best in fashion. For those familiar with Peter Millar, the growth and popularity of the North Carolina-based brand is undeniable. One of the interesting facts about this global brand is its small-town roots as the Peter Millar global headquarters remains in Raleigh to this day. Minimizing overhead is part of Peter Millar’s formula that allows the brand to offer better products for better prices. We had an opportunity to sit down with the brand’s Chairman and CEO, Scott Mahoney, to talk about the brand’s success and what we can expect to see in the future.

TG: How many employees do you oversee and where are these employees located?

SM: We have over 300 employees in total around the world. Our sales, design, and marketing teams are based in Raleigh. While our finance, production, customer service and distribution teams operate out of Durham. One of the many benefits to being located in this part of the country is the amazing talent coming out of the universities in the state of North Carolina and the surrounding areas.

TG: How has Covid-19 impacted business operations?

SM: We have a very collaborative culture, so the isolation is a bit strange for all of us. The design studio is open and we’ve relied heavily on technology to keep us all connected during the pandemic.

TG: For those who are not familiar with the brand, what do you want them to know about Peter Millar?

SM: We not only offer golf apparel but clothes for everyday wear. We can truly dress you from the office to casual sportswear for the weekends. Over the years we’ve stayed true to our core and expanded our product offerings from there. We add a bit of twist to our product design and hopefully, our clothes offer a sense of effortless style.

TG: How has the design strategy changed over the years?

SM: We’ve stayed pretty true to our brand DNA. Currently, our design team is led by the talented Jason Cater who has provided a clear direction for our designs. We have four distinct silos: Crown, Crown Sport, Crown Crafted and Collection. All of these are very different but can be worn together based on the occasion. The Crown Crafted Collection silo has been creating a lot of excitement in the marketplace. This collection is contemporary sportswear, blending cutting-edge technical materials with luxury fabrics. A modern, tailored approach to everyday performance apparel.

TG: How did the acquisition of G/FORE come to be?

SM: We approached Mossimo (Founder of GFORE) about doing a collaboration and found him to be an amazing person and someone who we really wanted to work with. We cranked out some very cool concepts and had so much fun working with the team at G/FORE that we decided to join forces. You will continue to see this brand expand deeper in the shoe category and in streetwear. There has been a phenomenal acceptance of the G4 brand worldwide with early successes in Japan and Korea. We believe in the next 5 years 50% of their revenue could be generated outside the United States.

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