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FootJoy Premiere Series | Classic Look, Modern Innovation

FootJoy Premiere Series | Classic Look, Modern Innovation

Ahead of one of the most anticipated footwear releases of 2021, the TRENDYGOLF team had the opportunity to sit down with FootJoy’s Vice President of Footwear, Chris Tobias to discuss the Premiere Series and what consumers can expect from FootJoy in the future.

TG: Tell us a little about your career prior to joining FootJoy. Was there much golf involved?

CT: I’ve worked in product creation in the family and lifestyle brand segment on a global level which has allowed me to develop long-lasting relationships within the industry. I’ve always been an avid golfer. The thrill of a good round or just remembering one good hole has always kept me coming back to the sport.

TG: How would you describe your personal style when it relates to fashion?

CT: I prefer a more modern tailored look and appreciate the inspiration classic looks provide. I was really fascinated by Bing Crosby’s invitational and the style of clothing back in that era that steamrolled into the Palm Springs area. The style of the clothes, celebrating fun and inclusivity.   I love the lifestyle influence on golf clothing that allows golfers to be unique and different. I tend to lean more towards an aesthetic that doesn’t look like I just came off the golf course.

TG: What’s your time at FootJoy been like?

CT: FootJoy honestly feels like family. Upon my arrival, I received several welcome emails and support from the team. I would dare use the title of “dream job”. The things I’ve been attracted to, deep roots in sports, relentless authenticity, and a drive to get better are all personal to me and align with what we are doing here at FootJoy.

The roots and history here at FootJoy are a lot older than the global brands I’ve worked with before. FootJoy made boots in the Civil War for Union soldiers. I’ve been really impressed with the archives which serve as a testament to generations of people that have been committed to the brand.

TG: What’s the vision you and the team have set forth for FootJoy?

CT: Relentless pursuit to look towards the next 75 years and what’s going to separate us from the rest of the field.

TG: What do you feel is the drives consumer attraction to the FootJoy brand?

CT: You cannot underestimate how important AUTHENTICITY is to our brand. We look at the past for style ideas and how trends have changed, what performance advantages players are seeking, and utilize that information to provide inspiration for the future. The ultimate focus is the fusion of style and performance into a product that is represented on golf’s global tours.

TG: Let’s talk Premiere Series. What should consumers know about this launch?

CT: Better equipment for your feet. The Premiere Series provides a nod to the past with the classic design, with technological advancements to meet the needs of the modern golfer. For decades now, the classic silhouette has been associated with FootJoy, and has been known as ‘The Golf Shoe’ when it comes to style and performance.  

The Tarlow is inspired by Bill and Dick Tarlow who originally purchased the FootJoy business in 1957 and redirected the company to focus primarily on golf. The Tarlow collection features a modern interpretation of the timeless cap toe design, with a natural grain leather in the vamp and quarter, complemented by coordinated crocodile print in the heel, cap toe, and eye stay.

The Packard is inspired by Frederick Packard, FootJoy’s founder and shoe pioneer who’s manufacturing techniques and design innovations are still part of the company's DNA over 75 years later.   The Packard collection features exquisite detailing and pebble grain leather in both the vamp and the quarter. The collection uses a calfskin crocodile print accent in the saddle area, complemented by a natural leather welt and contrast stitching.

The Flint is inspired by Perley Flint, a young Harvard graduate, avid golfer, and designer of FootJoy’s first golf shoe in the 1920’s. A smooth ChromoSkin leather makes the shoes upper, while the shoe is highlighted by embossed detailing on the saddle area, a refined FootJoy ornament as well as nice piping on the side.

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