Galvin Green - Fit for all Weather Situations

Galvin Green has always been the go-to for any rainy golf situation. Their excellence in design and use of fabrics sourced from GORE-TEX has season after season put out the most reliable rain suits any golfer could ask for.

This season, Galvin Green has raised the bar in rain suit technology by introducing C-KNIT Backer Technology. Combined with GORE-TEX, the C-knit is a smooth fabric that glides over the back and shoulders during your swing so you can wear your jacket fitted and know that it will move with you throughout your game while keeping you completely dry.
For a total of 3 layers, this is also 15% more breathable than any other GORE-TEX jacket, which is important when you start to build core heat during around. Other advantages include a tighter, rubberized cuff that holds tighter to the wrist, allowing for better freedom of movement and better rain protection. The same technology is also found on the collar, which stands slightly higher than other rain jackets.
Don't worry, the fabric is pliable enough to not be a distraction; rather it is intended to better keep out rain. Tested and trusted by the 2016 Ryder Cup team, the C-knit collection is guaranteed not to disappoint.

To be noted, these products are in very limited supply, and unable to be reordered once sold out. A close up on the C-Knit can be seen here.

In the world of windbreakers, the Bow Windstopper Half Zip is a new exceptionally lightweight windstopper that pulls over the head and blocks out wind while keeping you warm and focused on your game. The weight makes this an effortless jacket to have in your bag 24/7.

Polos are constructed of a highly moisture wicking fabric called Ventil8 Plus. With top end breathability and built in UV 20+ protection, these shirts perform ideally under hot conditions. Designs vary from the newly added tipped collar Miller Polo to the color-blocked Mitchell, Mike, and Melvin.

Bottoms are also constructed from Ventil8 Plus fabric and we have chosen to stock them in the slimmer fit this season. Noah trousers are as perfect for conditions that are cooler as well as hot days when you need to be in a trouser. When the course, climate, or your company allows for shorts, pick the Parker. Made to fit most athletic golfers, the short is lightweight, moisture wicking and easy to care for.



For a higher level of golf performance, rely on Galvin Green to keep you dry and allow you to focus on making each round your best yet.