Henrik Stenson Eyewear

About Henrik Stenson Eyewear

If you've ever seen Henrik Stenson play golf, then you know that sunglasses are his thing. Nicknamed "The Iceman" and "The Terminator" because of his glasses, they are an essential part of his golf attire, and it just wouldn't be the same if he didn't wear them. Because eyewear is so essential to his performance on the golf course, Stenson decided to start his own eyewear brand. From product design and lens technology, Stenson is closely involved in the entire process.

The Powereye Technology

The "Powereye" technology is a huge part of what makes this eyewear brand unique. It is one of the best lenses for high vision demands. Its specifications include the following:

Improved visional performance, no optical distortion, split vision lens
Impact resistance, scratch resistance
Enhanced definition
High contrast vision
Maximum visual clarity
Superior glare reduction
Reduces visual fatigue

Powereye also has high tech mirror coating to improve visual performance, a super hydrophobic coating to repel dirt, oil, and grease, and an anti-scratch coating.

The HS Performance Collection

The HS Performance Collection includes the Iceman, the Stinger, and the Torque. Each of these frames is slightly different, but they all use the Powereye Lens. At TRENDYGOLF, we're carrying a variety of colors for you to choose from.

Street Sunglasses

The Street Sunglasses are stylish, detail orientated, and for "occasions that matter." Our favorite frames from that collection are the Daylight, and the Scandinavian, and we're carrying a variety of colors in those as well.