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Introducing HANAH ONE

Introducing HANAH ONE

How HANAH is helping golfers elevate their game

For a long time, golfers have struggled to find a supplement product that checks all of the boxes. Golfers need the energy and stamina to get through long days on the course, but need that energy to last longer and not impede on their game with side effects like jitters or crashing. They also need to maintain mental clarity and find the “flow state,” all while under an immense amount of pressure. And perhaps most importantly, golfers need to buffer the physical and mental stresses of the sport and be able to get up and do the same thing again the next day.

As people in the golf community began trying HANAH ONE, they realized that everything they’ve been searching for in a health supplement could be found in this one product. Now, everyone from PGA champions to top coaches and even caddies are swearing by the results they experience from HANAH ONE and HANAH's suite of products. Here’s what they’re saying:

Energy without the pitfalls

Golf may look relaxed from those on the outside, but any pro knows just how much effort it takes to be one of the best. Intense training, early tee times, frequent travel and plenty of mental stress keeps golfers looking for sources of energy. The problem with common solutions like coffee or energy drinks is that they are short-lived and come with some pitfalls which are not conducive to the game of golf. Jitters, often associated with caffeine use, can pose a threat to your swing or putt. Another common side effect of these energy sources is the dreaded crash. The last thing any golfer wants is an overwhelming sense of fatigue to kick-in on the back nine. Those who have tried HANAH ONE report feeling sustained energy that lasts all day with absolutely zero of the negative effects.

Soothe nerves without losing your edge

The game of golf is extremely mentally taxing and can come with an immense amount of pressure and expectations. Many golfers we spoke to harked back to when CBD products hit the mainstream, and how at the time, they thought it could be a solution for soothing the nervous system and easing stress. However, some experimenting with CBD found it a little too soothing. Because of the amount of focus required in the game, it’s necessary to maintain a so-called “edge,” or to “stay on your toes.” CBD was causing some golfers to lose that edge. Adaptogens in HANAH ONE (seven in total) work to bring the body into balance, including the nervous system, without compromising focus or mental clarity.

In “the zone”

Golfers are constantly in search of the sacred place where meditation and shot execution come together. Many call it “the zone” or "flow state." Put simply, it’s the optimum state of consciousness where performance is at its best, focus is heightened and the person is completely immersed in their activity. The seven adaptogenic herbs in HANAH ONE target and harmonize any bodily function that requires balance so that one can find increased focus, clarity and energy naturally. These adaptogens are combined with 23 additional herbs to create a formula that has been used for thousands of years in Ayurvedic medicine to achieve a focused meditative state and are working wonders with golfers in the search for this coveted state of mind.

"From the very first round I started with HANAH, my decision making, focus and energy has been greatly enhanced on the golf course. No more brain fog or scatter brain when the match is on the line!" –Brian Zeigler, Lead Instructor at Dallas National Golf Club

Stamina boost

Long gone are the days where golf was considered “just a game.” Even casual golfers can take between 200-400 swings per day, and just walking the course requires a certain level of aerobic capacity. Adaptogens in HANAH ONE, like ashwagandha, are known for their ability to boost stamina. Two published medical studies in which the efficacy of ashwagandha supplementation was tested on groups of adult athletes found that the herbs improved cardiorespiratory endurance across the board. Golfers using HANAH ONE are having an easier time getting through the course with a clear head, little or no fatigue and are able to perform at a consistently high level.