Meet Moss

Tell us a little bit about how G/FORE started. What inspired it? When did you start it?

I started G/FORE in 2012, I had sold my namesake brand and was playing a bunch of golf. Figuring I was too young to retire I had this thought that golf needed some energy. I am a traditionalist at heart but believed that like tennis, color would or should play a bigger role in the game. Given there is so much competition in the space and it was a sea of sameness I decided to start with a glove. My history was apparel but this seemed a better way to enter an industry I knew nothing about. I viewed the glove as a great accessory. Not dissimilar to a pocket square for your blazer. Just a small hit of color to wake up a very traditional look.


From gloves to a full on fashion range, how did G/FORE grow and expand to what it is today?

From the beginning the intention was to be a total lifestyle brand, I knew the gloves weren’t the end goal. Oddly enough I decided our second product should be footwear. The shoe market is interesting to me in that you either had the very athletic brands, the old traditional shoe brands or the “hybrid” brands. You couldn’t find a beautifully made lightweight shoe with a proper shape that had its esthetics rooted in tradition but was as functional as the athletic brands. It needed to look and feel like a proper shoe, not a golf shoe. I always found it funny that the guys that made hybrid shoes would say you could wear them in the bar after…yes but look like a fool at the same time. We needed to create a shoe that would look great in the world and on the golf course. The latest phase has been the apparel, which we are very excited about.




What makes G/FORE unique?

We are a very different company in the golf space. We are disruptive for sure yet elegant and relatable. There is a sense of whimsy, rebellion and sophistication at every turn. I am not terribly inspired by most in the space and tend to move in our own direction.

Who is your consumer/ who buys G/FORE product?

It is so diverse, we can appeal to a younger while still maintaining that old guy like me…I think that’s our magic.

Talk about “disruptive luxury” and what that means to you?

We have a few “sound bites" that speak volumes as to who we are and the message we convey. DISRUPTIVE LUXURY, REFINED REBELLION, ADDICTIVE OPULENCE are just a few. I think they all play with your mind and convey a guttural reaction to the brand. Just trying to paint the picture and allow the consumer to put the pieces together, both mentally and physically.

What do you want to do with your brand in terms of fashion and golf? Where do you see it going?

I love our positioning, we are building a really nice business off course with the likes of Saks and Nordstrom and then we have great partners like you guys that aren’t green grass that can paint outside the lines. I have zero doubt this will be the best company that I have ever created and am so excited to continue the journey.


Why the name G/FORE?

My last name starts with a G, I loved the symmetry of the 4 G’s esthetically and thought the irony of Fore in that we have 4 g’s was very cool.

What’s your favorite piece from the AW18 line?

My favorite piece form the AW18 collection is our long wing golf boot. The shape is perfect and it’s rooted in traditionalism but has a modern edge. I think it speaks volumes as to who we are as a brand.

Anything new from the AW line that you are especially excited about?

I’m really liking our Men’s 5 Pocket pant. It’s made form an incredible fabric with the perfect amount of stretch. It’s cut beautifully and is perfect on or off course.