Redvanly Spring/Summer 15

New for our 2015 brand line-up, we proudly introduce Redvanly. Founded in Jersey City, New Jersey in the summer of 2013, Redvanly is a modern line designed specifically for athletes. Powered by those who compete, inspire, and never settle, Redvanly has put together a collection fueled by their passion for high-level performance.

The brand new Redvanly company has started their collection with a selection of high performance polos made with one of the best materials around. Their fabric is the perfect blend of polyester, tencel and elastane, each serving a specific purpose. The tencel is hydrophilic and pulls the sweat off the skin and into the fabric. Then the polyester, majority of the blend, comes in to play with its hydrophobic features. The polyester will not absorb moisture, it pushes the sweat out for evaporation. Finally, the blend is finished with elastane giving you the perfect amount of stretch and recovery.

Redvanly's fabric pulls sweat off your body, quickly absorbs, then pushes the sweat out for evaporation giving you maximum comfort, 24 hours a day. Being made with the softest fiber, tencel, their polos will also feel extremely soft to the touch. With their subtle detailing and tailored cuts, you will not only look good on the course, but perform your very best. Pair your Redvanly polo with one of their on trend hats able to be worn with any of the color selections. Shop our brand new Redvanly collection today.