The Dapper Drive for Dough Challenge

TRENDYGOLF is always looking for a way to give back and help others. This summer, we have been fortunate to help support the Dapper Drive for Dough Challenge, a very unique fundraiser benefitting The First Tee. During the month June, we will be donating 5% of all sales on TRENDYGOLF.COM to the Drive for Dough Challenge. We can't wait to write a nice little check at the end of one of our busiest months of the year.

The Dapper Drive came across our radar earlier this year, when founders Jordan and Brittany Griggs decided to venture out into America with a goal to play Golf Digest's Top 100 Public courses in the span of 1 year. The Ultimate Golf Challenge is what they have coined their journey, and they have catalogued their travels via their blog and social media platforms for the country (and the world) to follow. Jordan is a lifelong golfer, who, after 7 years in the finance industry, left to pursue his real passion for golf. Brittany, his wonderful wife, also left her post in the finance industry to pursue her lifelong love of photography. Together, they have relocated themselves to a Winnebago RV and set out on the open road to complete their Challenge.

Along the way, the Dapper Drive have decided to make this really worth their time and recently set up a charity called The Drive for Dough, to support the First Tee, a non profit organization focusing on the youth of today and introducing them to the game of golf. Providing educational programs about golf to children from all walks of life, The First Tee aims to help kids learn about sportsmanship, perseverance, self-love, and other life lessons that are bred on the golf course but can live at the core of every part of life. There is no price tag to be put on helping today's youth grow up to be exceptional adults, and what better way for golf enthusiasts to support that mission than by spreading the availability to learn and grow a joy for golf to keep the game alive and cultivate strong individuals who will undoubtably be tomorrow's leaders?

There are several ways for you to get invovled.

1.)Shop TRENDYGOLF.COM during the Month of June and know that we will be donating 5% Of all sales to The Drive for Dough Challenge benefitting The First Tee

2.) Donate directly to The First Tee via the Drive For Dough Challenge here.

3.)Donate directly to your local First Tee Local Chapter and make a difference in your own backyard. To find your local chapter click here.

Jordan and his home on wheels for the year.

So, for all of us who love golf but can't escape the daily 9-5, suffer from horrible car sickness, or have a fear of small spaces and could never call home an RV, you have come to the right place to live vicariously through this talented couple. not only do you get accurate coverage and feedback from a future pro-golfer, but you get it delivered in stunning imagery. Oh, and did we mention that Jordan lives up to his name "Dapper Drive" with his keen sense of style and attention to his golf wardrobe? One thing that the stylists at TRENDYGOLF really appreciate, above and beyond the daily golf diary, is how consistently well dressed both Jordan and Brittany are. We want to know, how do you fit all those amazing golf clothes in 150 square foot living space???

For those of you who do not follow The Dapper Drive, you can do so here via their blog and follow them on Instagram @thedapperdrive or Facebook The Dapper Drive

And don't forget, it feels good to give back! Help us help others by spreading the word, shopping TRENDYGOLF, and sparing a few dollars for a very worthy organization.