The Golfer's Journal

What: The Golfer’s Journal is an “elevated media experience” published quarterly with premium construction and limited advertising. The Golfer’s Journal will cover the game in a more sophisticated way than other publications, focusing more on the culture, history, places, and characters that define the game of golf.

Who: The subject matter appeals to a wide range of readers. It is very focused on the purity of the game, which means you won’t find swing tips or game improvement tips or celebrity profiles. Instead, you will see fascinating stories about the people who play the game, art inspired from the game, and gorgeous photography.

Why: If you’re looking for an alternative to traditional golf media, The Golfer’s Journal is a fantastic option, full of creative, high quality content that is worth the time and effort to consume.

When: The Golfer’s Journal is published quarterly. It’s first publication shipped in August, 2017. You can purchase the first issue here at TRENDYGOLF.