The Tour Blog | Jamie Lovemark Interview

Before the newest TRENDYGOLF Ambassador returns to his hometown to compete in the Farmers Insurance Open this week, PGA Tour star Jamie Lovemark spent some time with the team at TRENDYGOLF HQ to discuss golf, fashion, and a few things in between.

TG: What’s typical day in the life of Jamie Lovemark?

JL: There typically two types of days. Days on the road and home. Both have similarities but I’m usually up at 5:00am for a quick workout then grab breakfast before heading to the course. I arrive to the course about 1 hour 45 minutes prior to my tee time. Spend a little time on the range prepping for the round. This sometimes happens in windy, rainy conditions; there are even times with so little daylight I can’t see the shots I hit on the range. Head to the first tee then I’m off. Rounds are typically 5 hours. I like to get a little practice in afterwards then a quick bite to eat and off to rest and recover. I’m playing 4-5 weeks in a row with potentially 6 rounds a week. Recovery is huge but we don’t get much time to do it. Trying to get ready for the next day is one of our biggest tasks.

TG: Who makes up Team Jamie Lovemark?

JL: Ben Harrison is my manager and has been for 6 years. Chris Como is my instructor who’ve I’ve worked with for almost five years. Dave Streza is my caddie and we’ve worked together four years. My wife Tiva and I have been married for 3 years. We travel with our two small dogs and that makes up my team.

TG: Let’s talk fashion. What’s your typical style off-course?

JL: Jeans and t-shirts with high top Jordan sneaker or flip flops are staples for me. When the occasion calls for it, I’ll switch to a stylish dress shoe. I mostly wear Rag and Bone jeans. I find them a little more relaxed through the thigh with a nice tapered bottom. I’ve always had a hard time getting my legs into jeans. Glad I finally found a good brand that fits me well. I wear a lot of the basic good life t-shirts. They have a basic fit, not too slim with plenty of length for me which helps as I’m kind of a strange fit. Tall and skinny but wide at the same time.

TG: Tell us your thoughts on colors and patterns. Any favorites?

JL: I like more earth tones neutrals colors a lot. It’s just easier for me to match. Olive green, army green, grays, blacks are some of my favorites. I don’t like to wear a ton of bright colors. I’ll wear maybe a bright t-shirt with charcoal jeans but not too many bright pants. I wear a lot of plaid flannel shirt while in the northeast during wintertime. I like polka dots and other subtle patterns. I’m not a huge fan of large horizontal stripes or vertical stripes.

TG: What about your sock game?

JL: I like to mix it up a bit and have a little variety. For example, I wore some Stance socks with the Hawaiian state fish at the Sony Open and then the next day just some standard Jordan sport socks.

TG: What are you most excited about with this new TG partnership?

JL: I think the great thing about TRENDYGOLF is that when I play from city to city, state to state, tournament to tournament; each event has a different vibe. For example, in Hawaii last week the vibe was cool and relaxed so there were a lot of floral patterns and bright colors. Where in San Diego florals are not the vibe and you’ll see darker greys. When the tour heads south the vibe and weather may call for brighter colors. I just think it’s really cool to have the ability to wear different styles and brands from week to week.

TG: What’s your favorite golf course?

JL: Royal County Down in Ireland is hands down my favorite course in the world. It’s really an old school, fair links course. Playing there in the 2007 Walker Cup was my first experience with links golf. The setting was insane. A beautiful hotel with just a classic, historic course. The golf course was very fair too. Without the wind, the course plays easy but when it blows hard it’s nearly impossible. Just a really cool linksy vibe there. Pebble Beach is awesome too. I think it has a great mix of holes The first couple of holes are back in the woods then all of sudden you hit your tee shot on #4 and you look to the right and it’s like holy cow such a beautiful landscape. And obviously 17 and 18 are historic holes. Riviera CC is a classic as they come. A very fair and really hard golf course. Everything is right there in front of you. I was fortunate to play there a lot while at USC.

TG: Is there a course type that fits your game?

JL: I used to think so back in the day but when I’d look back over a season and I would see that I played well at certain courses where I didn’t expect to and played badly at some of my favorite courses. I just feel like with the right mindset you can play well at a course that doesn’t suit your game.

TG: Who’s in your dream foursome?

JL: That’s such a tough question and the answer is always changing for me. I could watch a movie next week and want to swap one of the characters into the foursome. Here is a new one: John Glenn. I love aviation and aeronautical stuff. Tiger in 2000. Just to see how insane it was. Jack Nicklaus in his prime.

TG: What are some of your favorite movies?

JL: #1 for me is Gladiator. Forrest Gump #2 easily. Huge Top Gun guy. I can’t wait for Top Gun 2. I hope it doesn’t suck! I’m excited about the flying scenes. Dumb and Dumber is one of the best comedies ever. Interstellar. I’m a huge fan of Christopher Nolan movies.

TG: What about golf movies?

JL: I loved Tin Cup. The Legend of Bagger Vance was good. It is just so hard to make good golf movies because of the actors and their swings. Kevin Costner does a good job. He’s also in another one of my favorites, Field of Dreams.

TG: What are your goals for the year?

JL: I want to win. Simple as that. I feel like I’m playing very well and trending in the right direction to put myself in the right spot to have a really good chance to win at least one event. That’s always the ultimate goal. That’s why we play and tee it up.