Waist Management

There aren’t many hard-and-fast rules in menswear, but matching your belt to your shoes seems to be one that has persisted.

But it’s not that simple anymore. And that’s a good thing.

Your belt should coordinate, but it need not match.

Your belt is also an opportunity to inject some personality into your outfit. Playing with color is a good way to add visual contrast to your look. Look for colors that compliment rather than match. A casual belt goes best with a casual shoe, while more formal footwear calls for leather.

This carries through to the rest of your outfit. Casual belts work best with chinos, but if you’re wearing a suit, stick to leather.

Braided belts are popping up in a really big way. Braided belts are ideal for adding a point of interest to even the simplest outfits. A solid color can add texture to your look, while still being subtle, and a more colorful selection can inject an everyday look with some serious style. Braided belts also travel well, and because they don’t have punched holes, they are easily adjusted.

Brushed leather and oh-so-touchable suede belts are great compliments to the many textures in the fall wardrobe. And like their traditional smooth leather counterparts, these belts bring an air of refined luxury to any outfit.

Fabric belts are a great addition to casual wardrobe, and reversible styles afford you even more options.

The right belt will elevate any outfit, so don't ignore that precious real estate around your waist.