We Listened

Dear Valued Customer, 
Thank you for your continued loyalty, support, and understanding over the past 12 months. Our attempt to improve our order fulfilment process by moving to a third-party warehouse did not work out as we had hoped. Throughout the past 12 months, we have encountered unsatisfactory levels of service from our partner which have resulted in impacts on our deliveries, inventory, and customer service. 

We are pleased to inform you that we are reopening our order fulfilment warehouse in Los Angeles over the next 2 weeks. Per your request, we will now offer Next-Day and Saturday delivery through FedEx.

As we move our inventory from St. Louis to Los Angeles, we will be unable to ship orders immediately.  Due to this delay, all orders will include an additional 15% discount as well as free express shipping (US only). All orders will be shipped when our new warehouse is fully operational by September 3rd (maximum delay of 20 days if ordered on August 17th). 

Our TRENDYGOLF warehouse team will work to provide you with the highest quality service as we process your orders in an efficient and timely manner. We appreciate all feedback and hope you understand these changes are to make your TRENDYGOLF shopping experience as seamless as possible.  
Best Regards,