What You Need To Know About Seamus Golf

Tell us how the brand started. How did you come up with the idea?

SEAMUS started in 2009, when my wife went to fix a tartan cover that my dad brought back from Royal Troon. At the time she worked at Pendleton Woolen Mills, and began using remnants to make covers for me and my friends. It wasn’t intended to be a business, but turned into that as one of my friends was a retail buyer in golf. In 2011 we shipped our first order to her at Bandon Dunes and that was the very beginning of our brand. At the time, a lot of the brands in our space didn’t exist, so in many ways we are flattered by the thought that we got to be part of a new movement.

How has the brand evolved?

At the beginning, I had no concept of developing a brand and only recently began to realize that SEAMUS might be a brand as more
folks now know and appreciate what we’re doing. The original concept was an accident, but the mission hasn’t really changed. We craft accessories for the most discerning golfer that appreciates great golf spots like the Old Course or newer spots
like Sand Valley. So long as there are folks out there that are passionate about the purist of the purist places, SEAMUS will be a part of that finitely defined experience.

Tell us about your products. What are they made of? What is the process?

Our head covers are hand cut in our shop in Beaverton, Oregon. Our metals are shaped and hammered by hand by our talented team of blacksmiths. The materials can range, but will always have a story. If it’s tartan, it’s wool woven in Scotland bearing patterns that are centuries old. Leathers often times are sourced locally to internationally depending on the application.

What makes Seamus Golf unique?

To be unique one must be the only one of it’s kind, and unlike anything else. Our intent with everything we do is to be unique, but not for the sake of being different. Everything we make will communicate some homage to the past and what made golf what it is today, but have a modern twist and design that makes function a key separator of our line. Our head covers function well, and our hand forged goods seamlessly blend in with the experience that golf should be. Nobody else is focused on what we think matters most. But that doesn’t mean there aren’t others out there making great products.

Is there a specific collection you like the best?

We do have collections but I don’t like to pin down to any one style. We’re huge fans of carrying a set of mixed head covers.

What is your favorite product that you make?

I think a tartan fairway cover will always be my favorite product since that’s what we started with. At the time, we didn’t even have a driver cover or a hybrid cover.

Who buys Seamus Golf products? Describe the typical Seamus consumer.

In most cases our customer is a golfer. The types of folks that buy our product is very widely ranging across a variety of ages and cultural backgrounds. Most of our end users are men but often times our customer is a woman buying a gift.

Anything coming up that you’re particularly excited for?

We are very excited about Drive, Chip and Putt. We had the great honor and pleasure of being a part of this great program and purpose.

Where do you see Seamus Golf going in the next few years? What are your brand goals?

Our goal is to stay focused on our golfer and continue to craft iconic products that inspire our golfers to play golf. We do not really have many goals of importance outside of that one.